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What’s up Pulag?

Mt. Pulag has been getting so much social media attention these days, and could probably be considered as the top hike choice for avid climbers. Casual climbers as well as celebrities have also joined the bandwagon in climbing Pulag, everyone taking aim at capturing that picture perfect “sea of clouds” at sunrise at the peak of the summit 2,922 meters above sea level (MASL).

Sunrise from the peak of Mt. Pulag

Currently, cheap nfl jerseys Mt. Pulag is considered the 3rd highest just
behind Mt. Apo and Mt. Dulang-dulang. Anyway, before dreaming of that picture
perfect sea of clouds shot at the summit, there are several things that one
must consider.

The Journey

Mt. Pulag is located in the province of Benguet near Baguio
City, so it is best reached by bus from Manila to Baguio. For a weekend
overnight hike to Pulag, we left at 1am Friday and got to Baguio at around
7-8am Saturday. We then made our way by jeepney, which departs the Petron Gas
Station just across the bus station to the base camp of Mt. Pulag. This took
another 2hrs or so, so by the time we got to base camp it was already 10am. The
ride up the mountain was bumpy given the nature of the roads, but it was quite
an experience riding it with your friends on a jeep to the base camp of Pulag.

The Trail

The trail to Mt. Pulag isn’t easy especially for beginners.
The easy trail also known as Ambangeg trail, will take approximately 6 hours<br Cheap Ray Bans />
from the base camp, that’s if you begin your trek from there. Along the way
there are three camp sites, with camp 3, only 30 minutes from the summit. The
usual Mt. Pulag tours will take you to the base camp at around lunch time then
spend the rest of the day sleeping in one of the cabins. The actual hike begins
the following morning at around 1am reaching the summit at around 6:30am just
in time for sunrise. But hiking in the dark without enjoying the views isn’t so
fun right? So what our group did was we decided to make the most out of the
first day and hike straight to camp 3. We figured that if we wanted to take in
the beauty of Mt. Pulag, it would be best to hike during the day.

After completing the orientation at base camp, we decided to grab some brunch near base camp. We started hiking at around 12nn and quickly reached camp 1 Cheap Jerseys at around 1:15pm in the afternoon. After a quick break, we immediately set out for camp 2. The beauty I can say oakley sunglasses outlet about Mt. Pulag is that the trails to each camps have different themes. The trail from base camp to camp 1 is made of paved roads, stairs, and a view of the rice fields down below. It’s the usual hiking scenery but with a steep climb through the stairs that will make you sweat. Meanwhile, the trail from camp 1 to 2 is mostly wet, made out of moss and damp soil, which is due to the Mossy Forest. Again, it gives the climbers a different feel of the mountain, which feels like you’re in a rainforest. From camp 1 to camp 2, it took us around another 1.5 hours reaching camp 2 at around 3pm. Most of the groups would camp here in camp 2 since it has wonderful views of the mountain and is in the middle of the trek. Being an active group, we decided to push on to camp 3.


 The trail from camp 2
to camp 3, is one of my favorite. It’s made out of majestic and picturesque
views of the mountain. The tall golden grasses surround the trail, making the
pictures look absolutely perfect. The trek leads all the way to different hills
and down to camp 3, which is now 30 minutes away from the summit. This trek was
a bit more challenging, but more rewarding. I couldn’t count how many times I
stopped to take a photo to take in the scenery. We probably took around another
2.5 hours before reaching camp 3, getting there just before 6pm. We quickly set
up our tents, just before sunset and started cooking dinner for the group.

One of the beauties of camping up high in camp 3 is that you’re
closer to the skies. Meaning, during a clear, dark day, the views of the stars
are majestic. At 3AM, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of the Milky Way,
and with a good camera nfl jerseys cheap capture it. Remember, you’ll need a tripod or steady
hands to capture the shot with an extended exposure!

At around 5:30am, we started our hike up to the summit. Upon
reaching the summit of Pulag, the rest is history. We were treated with a clear
view and sunrise, but without the “Sea of Clouds” that are present in most
photos. Nevertheless the photos at 2,922 MASL are breathtaking.

Till the next adventure!

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