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Welcome to Middle Earth: Glenorchy

Ever wondered how it would feel like to visit some of the most iconic shooting sites of The Lord of the Rings franchise? Through this photo diary, you’ll get to get a glimpse of Isengard, Amon Hen, Lothlorien Forest, The Misty Mountains and Ithilien, which were all shot in one of the most tucked away places in New Zealand – Glenorchy.
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Glenorchy, New Zealand

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Just a 30 minute drive from Queenstown is Glenorchy, a small town at the end of the Glenorchy road and one of the shooting sites for Lord of the Rings. Glenorchy road is said to be one of the most scenic drives in all of NZ. We took our roadtrip on a NFL Jerseys Cheap gloomy day. Normally, I’d be disappointed going on a gloomy day, but I would make this as an exception  To be honest, I found a way to love the gloomy weather because somehow it made my photos look more dramatic!

Here’s some of the most breathtaking shots of Glenorchy, which are all very Instagram-worthy!


My favorite shot would be me standing with my neon Underarmour wind про breaker all alone in the wharf of Glenochy. Notice that little lamp post right at the end of the wharf! This is actually Misty Mountains, the iconic mountains in the Lord of The Rings franchise.


This location would be the wharf located inside the town of Glenorchy. You can always be creative especially when you have the mountains as your backdrop. Imagine that this is the Misty Mountains in the movie.


Across the wharf is the lake Cheap Jordans where you can just stand and marvel at the beautiful mountains and boats this quiet town has to offer.

Here, you can get a glimpse of Lothlorien Forest in the background.


Lake Wakatipu is so still that you can achieve mirror reflections of the objects in the lake. Play around with your creativity and capture random reflections with the still lake! Some shots were filmed here as part of the backdrop for the Misty Mountains and Amon Hen. The trees and branches compliment the shots made in the movie.


The town is surrounded by mountains capped with snow, add in a little fog and trees then it’ll now look like a painting! The view and trees were used to portray Lothlorien Forest and Isengard and its tower. 


When you get to the wharf, there’s a red house that has a sign of “Glenorchy”. After this iconic red house, you’ll be treated to this view. Stunning!


The water is so still that it perfectly reflects the mountains in the backdrop.


Take a walk along the lakeside and take more nature shots!

Glenorchy is definitely one of the most isolated yet surreal places I’ve been to. It’s just a small town, but you’ll be surprised on how much photos you’ll take. Bonus is there’s not much people in this town, so you’ll pretty much have it all to yourself as your personal studio!

When planning a trip to Queenstown never forget to drop by this town, Glenorchy!

Photos taken using my Fuji XE-2 and Go Pro Hero 4.

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