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Surviving Hokkaido’s unforgiving Winter

Hokkaido, Japan is often called Japan’s Winter Wonderland. For good Cheap Jordans reason, Hokkaido’s weather is often cold and snowing. From October to April, this island in Northern Japan experiences more snowfall than any other area in Japan.

Ice Caves in Hokkaido

During my visit around the last week of February, Hokkaido was still very much in the dead of winter with temperatures reaching far into negative territory. At one point in Niseko, the temperatures dropped to -14 degrees Celsius, making it a challenge to keep warm in the freezing cold. Normally, a couple of layers of warmers and a thick outer jacket would suffice, but with Hokkaido’s extreme temperatures, the need to wear extra warm clothing was needed. Throughout the trip, especially in places like Asahikawa, Furano, Biei, and Niseko, I would wear 2 layers of heattech from Uniqlo then a long sleeve to cover it, plus a Columbia Turbodown Jacket with Omni-heat technology (@ColumbiaSportsWearPH) and a Windbreaker that would repel both snow and wind during the harsh, cold days. Safe to say, this combination of layers worked its magic as I was able to withstand the extreme cold and enjoyed my trip.

Columbia Turbodown Jacket with Omni Heat Technology

At Biei, Hokkaido’s, Seven Mile Hill

Normally, I would go with the usual fashionable winter coats, but in this case, the Omni-heat technology, I must say made a huge difference in keeping myself warm.  The breathable Cheap Ray Bans warming technology from the Columbia Turbodown jacket helped regulate my body temperature with the little silver dots that reflect and retain the warmth my body generated. The best Cheap Football Jerseys part is that it is really very light and can be carried around even with my Herschel backpack as I was travelling around from nfl jerseys shop one city to another. A final note, Japan has a lot of excellent products that can be found in the convenience stores. We were able to get our hands on these gloves that were being sold in 7/11, for just 980 Yen (450 pesos) , it was very sleek; not bulky, but warm helping me withstand Документальные the freezing cold. Best part was I could still use my Iphone while walking without the need to take off my gloves!

Night’s at Otaru Canal

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On top of the Columbia Turbodown Jacket is this Waterproof WIndbreaker for the wind and snow

Here’s a visual gallery from Hokkaido and the amazing sceneries that make up this Winter Wonderland!

Seven Mile Hill

Blue River, Biei Hokkaido

Shirogane Waterfalls, Hokkaido


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