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Experiencing Niseko’s Ice Bar Lounge in -14 degree Weather

Imagine walking in snow-covered roads in minus 14 degrees celcius and stumbling upon an Ice Bar Lounge built from carving solid ice into a lounge bar filled with drinks, lights, and music. Welcome, to Niseko, Hokkaido in Japan’s winter wonderland.

Niseko is known around the world for it’s breathtaking views, powder snow, and heaven for those into skiing and snowboarding. Tourists from all around the world flock to Niseko’s Ski Resorts to cheap oakleys experience winter and adventure. Coming from a tropical country, my friends and I were there simply to experience snow and try out skiing lessons for a day. Little did we know, we would stumble upon a rather different experience on cheap jerseys the later hours of the cheap football jerseys night.

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Well lit Niseko Ice Lounge in -14 degrees Celcius

Niseko Ice Bar Lounge was located within a couple minutes walk from our hotel, as we entered the Ice structure, we were mesmerized by how a perfectly carved ice structure combined with amazing lighting and music sent chills down our spine upon entering. We weren’t expecting anything that night in Niseko, but it turns out that the bartender recommended us to try a mixed drink with Japanese Sake.

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As we were drinking and taking photos of this amazing place, we started to talk to the different foreigners in the bar. We were able to talk to this British girl who happens to manage one of the lodges nearby as well as the designer of the bar, who happens to be from Iraq. We shared stories of our adventures and it’s incredible to hear stories from backpackers going around the world – even to Antarctica- share their unforgettable experiences of life. Turns out, we also met Spanish and Australians to keep us good company in the cold, winter night. We ended having a group photo in the Ice Bar and calling it a night.

Conversations over drinks


Group shot to cap off the night


It’s amazing how a spontaneous night can turn out to be such a wonderful experience for me and my friends. Who would’ve thought that having a few drinks could open up such inspiring conversations?

Check out and how social drinking can lead to awe-inspiring stories. #MahabahabangInuman


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