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My Own Version of #TheNakedTruth

#TheNakedTruth has been going viral in social media for as long as I can remember. Hats off to Bench for a successful campaign. So last September, I was given a rare chance by Bench to be featured In their Bench B/Blog. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses The feature was shot at the new and cheap Air Jordans stylish Privato Hotel in Pasig City. Upon arriving at the venue, I was automatically captivated by the ambiance of the hotel. The pool was located at the rooftop of the hotel with amazing views of Manila. I’ve done previous shoots before but not as fun and cool as this one!

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That’s me wearing Bench light blue tapered jeans completely dipped in the swimming pool!


Fixing my drenched pants after going for a dip in the pool.

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The whole shoot we were chasing the sunlight as there was always an overcast of clouds that would cover the sun. This shot was taken with the sun shining right in my face, but the shot turned out to be cheap nfl jerseys fine.


And the funniest shot of all is this jump shot of me while throwing an inflatable dolphin into the pool! Very hilarious, but the shot turned out to fine as well. 


The Poolside @ Privato Hotel!

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