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Moving on with life from a SPORT that has defined who you are the past 20 years

Sure, not all people are blessed to be able to hone their craft, maximize their potential, and let alone grow old with a sport they started off with when they were 3 or 4. When you grow old with a sport that has defined who you are, you’re childhood, and basically everything about you, it’s hard to let go.

<span Как style=”font-size: 12pt;”>Let’s face it, somewhere along the way, you probably felt that you were destined for greatness or someday you would stand in a podium holding discount football jerseys your head up high cheap MLB Jerseys finally realizing your life-long dream of winning the gold medal. For some, it happens, but for most it doesn’t. But your competitive self tells you that I will come back stronger, you train harder, and dedicate your life to this sport that you so passionately embrace. But along the way priorities change and for some reason you wake up one day realizing it’s time to finally hang them up and live a little bit more. At first, it feels liberating, but leaving something behind that has practically been with you is not that easy.

There will be days of reminiscing, remembering the moments where you exceeded your limits and proved to yourself that you are capable of so much more. But then, you reflect on your current life, a life defined no longer by how fast you go or by how many medals you win, but the reality that there are other things now that are far more important than before. You’re now faced with the reality of finding yourself, reinventing yourself to someone who has to face the reality of life. Sometimes, no matter how long you hold on to something, eventually you’ll have to let go and that’s the life.

There are days wherein you’ll walk pass places that remind you of your sport and the memories you hold on so dearly, you stop and think about the what could have beens and the what if’s. How you wish you were 13 again and you cold take back time and do everything all over again. Time flies they say, but who could’ve imagined that it was this FAST? You start to think how the problems of 10 years ago can’t even compare to the problems you have today. It was challenging before yes, but nothing can compare to how hard life has hit you now that you’re at quarter life. Now, you’re stuck in an 8-5pm job or an endeavour you pursued NFL Jerseys Cheap that is totally different to your identity before.

Life is hard. But that’s okay. Remember how you got to this point. At jordans for sale some point during your sporting career you thought of quitting, but you probably pushed yourself to do otherwise. You had to multi-task and juggle things to fit your schedule. You had to wake up early while all your friends were still asleep. You had to give up your summer break. You had to let go of things. If you could do those before, you can do it now. Not all is lost because a part of you will always cheap oakleys sunglasses remember that young 13 year-old self that was on the brink of quitting, but chose to move on. 

If you’re younger self could do it, then so can YOU



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