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How to Increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Chasing the Aurora is probably a once in a lifetime experience for some, so the goal is to see the Aurora on the first try without having to go home disappointed and having to come back and plan another trip to the Arctic Circle.

The Aurora or the Northern Lights is indeed magical, especially if it’s dancing in the night sky, but as magical as it is, it is also elusive at times. One of the places to best photograph the Aurora is Iceland given its jaw-dropping landscapes that make it a perfect cheap ray bans backdrop for the Aurora. Iceland, however, being an island is subject to volatile weather, so for those planning a trip there, make sure to prepare for wild weather from strong winds, to snow, rain and sunshine all in one day. With its vast landscapes spreading over thousands of kilometers, driving in Iceland to chase the Northern Lights can be quite tricky. But the rule of thumb should be to drive to areas with clear skies to increase discount oakley the chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

In Iceland, there’s a website called the Iceland Meteorological Service that gives a very accurate forecast on cloud cover over Iceland. Trust me, even if it says that Aurora activity is low, with clear skies, the chances of seeing the Aurora goes up exponentially.


Here’s a sample of the forecast, so if you want to see the Aurora, you’ll have to drive out of Reykjavik, which is located in the Southern part of Iceland, towards to Northern part of the Island. Statistically, the Southern Parts of Iceland from cheap nhl jerseys Reykjavik to Vik are Ring’s usually cloudy, so chances are you’ll have to drive up north or to the Westernfjords to get a better of chance at clear skies. The strategy is to just look at the forecast during the morning and plan a route that would enable you to be in the area where there are clear skies when night comes.

To note: the clouds move quite fast, so it’s important to check the forecast every hour to see the actual area with clear skies at a given time.


This is NFL Jerseys Cheap another forecast, which shows that the best place to see the Aurora would be in the Eastern Part of the Island.

IF you want to cheap nfl jerseys shop hunt for the Northern Lights, there’s really no need for you to join Aurora Hunting Tours, just always keep yourself updated with the cloud forecasts and you should be good!

Happy Hunting!


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