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Sports is Life. Just for those who don’t know, I’ve practically been an athlete almost Cheap MLB Jerseys my entire life. I started swimming when I was 7 years old and loved the sport since then. I’ve always viewed sporting attire as rather unfashionable when I was a kid. But today, the world of fashion has undeniably changed. Nike shoes are now not just for running, they’re for everyday casual wear! So for my next outfit post, here’s a look on how you can transform a baseball jersey into your own fashion statement!

Fashion is all about trends and recently as I was walking in one of the malls, I happened to catch a glimpse of a Cotton On baseball uniform being sold. oakley sunglasses cheap The sporty guy in me automatically clicked and I paired this baseball uniform with a maroon khaki pants from Celio to make the look more unique. I love how the black and red colors seemingly always jive together and create this unique look. As you noticed, I didn’t button down my polo and instead wore a V-neck white shirt from Bench to play with the black and white color combination. To top it off, I wore my River Island Leopard Printed Shoes to finish off the look with a unique accent and feel.


What I’m wearing: Baseball Button Down Uniform (Cotton On), White V-neck (Bench), Maroon Khaki Pants (Celio), Leopard Printed Rubber Shoes (River Island).


Good thing about wearing V-necks is that I can quickly change Cheap Jordan Shoes outfits and put on nfl jerseys shop a button down long Документальный sleeve depending on what my mood is for the day or the occasion.


What I’m wearing: Baseball Button Down Polka Dot Long Sleevs (Cotton On),  Maroon Khaki Pants (Celio), Leopard Printed Rubber Shoes cheap jerseys china (River Island).

Til the next outfit post! Choice 😀

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