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Ever wondered why the water in the Greek Islands are crystal clear and blue?

Ever wondered why the waters in the Greek islands are crystal clear and blue? Well, that was my question too when I stumbled upon the crystal clear NFL Jerseys Cheap waters in Greece.

I just recently came back from an epic trip to London and Greece, where I got the chance to explore the Greek islands of Santorini, Paros, Naxos, and Mykonos. One stunning observation I realized is that the waters in Greece, especially those in Paros, Naxos, and Mykonos are crystal clear. With the exception of Santorini, which has black sand beaches since it’s a volcanic island, the other Greek Islands I visited were filled with beaches offering crystal clear waters to swim and bathe in. This combined with strong ray ban sunglasses sunlight and white sand makes it a paradise for tourists and inhabitants alike.

Greece beach

Water in Greece is amazingly clear and blue. Photo from Jack Morris.

Notably, one of my favourite beaches during the trip: Kolimbithres Beach in the island of Paros was stunningly beautiful with it’s amazing rock formations surrounding the beach side. It was at that moment I told myself, “I’ve never online seen waters this clear and blue in my life!” I will tell you, my photos do not give justice to how amazingly clear the waters were compared to the naked eye experience. Make no mistake, the waters in the Philippines are also stunning and amazing, but there’s something about the waters of the Mediterranean that sets it apart from the rest. Here’s why:

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Kolimbithres Beach, Paros Island Greece

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The Greek Islands is located in the Mediterranean Sea, which if you look at it in the map is actually somewhat like a big lake since it’s almost land locked with only a small exchange of water through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Atlantic Ocean. With so little exchange of water, the body of water in the Mediterranean is actually “oligotropic”, meaning “little or not enough food”. Food here refers to nutrients in the water which support the growth of algae and phytoplankton in the water that turn it green and murky like most bodies of water near coastal areas and lakes. So why is this so for the Mediterranean? Nutrients or “food” from the Atlantic Ocean is often found in the deeper parts of the ocean since the surface nutrients are already consumed by the algae and planktons that inhabit the Atlantic. But since the Straight of Gibraltar is relatively shallow, this means that there’s little to no exchange of deep water nutrients from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, depriving the algae and other bacteria of the essential nutrients or “food” to thrive in the waters of the Mediterranean. With fewer of these zooplankton present, the waters in the Mediterranean become crystal blue indeed especially during the summer months when the sun cheap oakleys is shining the brightest. Thus, it makes it the ideal conditions for tourists to take amazing photos of them enjoying their holidays.

Photo May 23, 3 29 55 PM

Blue skies, Strong Sunlight, and crystal clear waters in Paros Island

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Too blue to be true

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The waters in the Cyclades group of islands (Santorini, Paros, Naxos, and Mykonos) were amazing with a perfect mix of organized and unorganized beaches, but apparently, there’s this beach called Navagio Beach in Zakynthos Island that is simply breathtaking. Most of the time photos does not do the place justice when compared with the naked eye experience, but I’ll just let you guys decide for yourself if this beach should be part of your bucketlist or not!

<img class="wp-image-1260 size-full" src="" alt="Zakythos beach" srcset=" 736w, 150w, 300w, 550w" jordan retro 11 sizes=”(max-width: 736px) 100vw, 736px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island Greece. Photo from Greek

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