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10 Picturesque Places that makes New York, New York

New York City or the City that Never Sleeps is usually on top of everyone’s bucketlist. It’s crazy how a city can have so much life and so much picturesque places that leave you in awe of how different New York is compared to the  other cities in the United States. New York is most probably the most photographed city in the US with countless of photos making its way to postcards and websites. But if you have limited time, you obviously have to pick which places to visit and how to capture those picturesque photos.

1. Flatiron discount oakley Building

The Flatiron Building is one of the iconic buildings in NYC. It’s thin structure makes it very distinguishable among other buildings. If you walk across the sidewalk, you’ll be able to photograph the whole building and if there’s no cars, you can even stand in the middle of the road to get yourself in the photo as well.



2. Top of the Rock, NYC

If you had only one day in New York and you wanted to see the best view of the city, then going up Top of the Rock is a must. Tickets are sold at around USD28 where you ascend Rockefeller Building and get mesmerized by the amazing NYC skyline. A tip would be to visit during sunset and stay up until it gets dark. It’s always amazing to get the sunset with the skyline as well as long exposure shots with your camera as the city lights light up the city.

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NYC at night


3. Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

Another amazing skyline view is from the back of Staten Ferry as you depart the pier from Lower Manhattan. From the ferry, you can capture the Lower Manhattan Skyline from the water. Again, it would be amazing to hop on this FREE ferry at around sunset to get that pinkish hue, which makes the photo amazing!

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Lady Liberty from the ferry


4. Dumbo, Brooklyn

If you’re up for some Instagram Goals, then Dumbo, Brooklyn would be a perfect spot for you. Dumbo is a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, where the Manhattan Bridge is in between two buildings in a street in the neighbourhood. The place is touristy so there will be tourists taking pictures as well. But if you’re lucky enough, the street makes for a perfect symmetric shot making it Insta-worthy!


5. Brookyln Bridge

Another insta-worthy shot would be in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Again, this is another touristy shot, so just go and cross the bridge early in the morning so you’ll get a better chance of avoiding the crowds during peak hours. But the experience of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge while admiring the New York skyline cheap football jerseys is thrilling to say the least.


6. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This is one of the hidden gems in Brooklyn. Once you cross the Brooklyn Bridge head down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s significantly less touristy, but worth every second of your time. The view of Lower Manhattan is amazing where the wooden trunks that are planted in the water give the shot a whole new perspective. On a  clear day, the view and the reflection of these wooden trunks is jaw-dropping. Go see it for yourself.


7. At the top of the Whitney Museum

Most people go to museums to see the exhibitions, but an exception has to made for the Whitney Museum in the Chelsea District of NYC. Go to the top floor and go to the balcony where an amazing view of downtown Chelsea awaits. Stand by the edge of the steel fences and shoot your OOTD from the terrace.


8. The High Line

The High Line is an elevated park in downtown New York located around the Chelsea Area too. Since it’s elevated, you,ll get amazing vantage points of the streets of New York from a higher perspective. There are countless photo opportunities here where you can photograph street views of cheap nfl jerseys shop downtown New York.


9. Chinatown from Manhattan Bridge

Again, this is one of the less touristy shots. As you cross the Manhattan bridge, you’ll walk right on top of Chinatown below. From the bridge and through the fences, you can capture Chinatown’s lights and street from the Manhattan Bridge. For added novelty, go during the night and enchant yourself with the bright lights of Chinatown!


10. Times Square

Last but not the least is the ever famous Times Square! Since this is the most famous one, it is also the hardest. It will take patience to capture a shot with not much people, but the best photo spot would be overlooking the giant LED screens just across the iconic Disney Shop along Times Square!

All photos were taken from Instagram @johansenaguilar.


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